OJ Simpson has been granted parole and will go free as early as October.

Although steeped in controversy, this decision brings to light the sometimes harrowing path back to a normal life after being in prison.

It is likely that OJ himself may be available to speak to this issue in the future, but right now there are a few exceptional speakers who can address this topic.

Troy Evans was sentenced to 13 years in Federal Prison back in 1992 for bank robbery. Troy served 7 and one-half years and left prison with two degrees both obtained with a 4.0 GPA.  As a motivational keynote speaker Troy amazes audiences of all ages with his personal transformation emphasizing how his years of incarceration can be linked to the decisions he made as a teenager.  He speaks openly on the dangers of drug use, peer pressure and the power of responsible decision making.  But Evans was determined that his time behind bars would not be wasted and he inspires his audience to overcome adversity, realize one’s full potential and escape the “prisons within ourselves”.

Vernon Robinson spent more than six years in prison after a varied criminal career.  Kicked out of school in 8th grade and living in a rough Bay Area suburb where options were slim, Robinson decided he would become a master criminal.  Didn’t quite work out.  Robinson took his time behind bars to educate himself and linked up with a nonprofit organization Wardrobe for Opportunity upon his release.  WFO recognized his natural charms and tapped him to speak at their annual suit drive and his life was changed forever.  Robinson is filled with boisterous enthusiasm that will spill over to all audiences as he uses his life lessons to inspire others to lead a path of self-empowerment and self-improvement