Anthony Cirillo

Aging and Caregiving Expert, Speaker, Consultant & Author

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Anthony Cirillo is an aging and caregiving expert. He is a speaker, consultant and author of the book Who Moved My Dentures. His company offers patient experience management, strategic marketing, and international health care consulting. He is focusing on assisting health care organizations to become dementia friendly.
As an experienced thought leader in healthcare, he knows how to navigate the industry. And as someone who spends thousands of hours a year with seniors and caregivers, he understands the aging consumer’s perspective and needs.
Anthony is the Senior Care expert for–an company–and a member of the board of CCAL, the Consumer Consortium for Person-Centered Living, as well as a member and co-chair for The Dementia Action Alliance. He is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors.
Anthony fell into this mission of advocacy for elders when he started performing in nursing homes. A gifted singer-performer, he has been to Nashville to record and has sung around the country. He uses his performing gifts in his keynote speeches and press engagements.
Anthony brightens the lives and promotes the quality of life and the dignity of caregivers and seniors. And he is a conduit that helps businesses reach and connect to boomer and senior audiences.