Anthony Trucks

Motivational and Team Building Keynote Speaker

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Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach. After a difficult chlidhood, starting in the foster care system, he found a home and overcame his challenges and began applying himself. He made a goal of making his varsity football team, worked hard, and acheived it. Then came a full ride scholarship, followed by a spot on the Pittsburgh Steelers Roster. His next major shift in life occured when a fluke injury derailed his plans and he ended up working a personal trainer at a local gym to support his family. He realized he would need to shift again, by opening his own gym.  This resulted in trials and tribulations in his home life, as he gave all his time to this enterprise, and it unfortunately still failed, leading him to his darkest time. He realized his entire purpose had to shift and he decided instead of trying to acheive for himself and his family, he had to start giving back. He finally saw that what he needed to succeed was within HIM, and it was finally time to shift to his ideal identty. This was a painful but life altering process and total transformation. His  life’s mission is now to aid others in gaining this knowledge and guide the undertaking of their own identity shifts, so that they can as well reach their full potential.