Frank Abagnale

Renowned Cybersecurity And Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author & Subject of Catch Me If You Can

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Recognized as an authority on security, forgery and cybercrimes for more than 40 years, Frank Abagnale is the expert that public and private sector organizations, including AT&T, the FBI and Visa, turn to for insights on protecting valuable digital assets—from customer data to employee credentials to banking software.

As the CEO & President of Abagnale & Associates, he has developed procedures and educational programs utilized by more than 14,000 global financial institutions, corporations and government agencies. From designing ADP’s current payroll check, to digital software used by the nation’s largest banks, Abagnale’s contributions to the world of security are immeasurable.

As depicted in his bestselling book, celebrated Broadway play and Steven Spielberg’s film, Catch Me if You Can, Abagnale was one of the world’s most famous con men in his teens, exposing unprecedented revelations into insufficiencies in business and government safeguards. Abagnale’s experiences led to his 35+ year association with the FBI, where he frequently provides expertise to agents.