Jaime Thietten

Pro-Life Advocate, Musician

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A Pro-Life Advocate, Artist, Wife and Daughter with a powerful story about her journey to Pro-Life, her calling and her music ministry. Ultimately, the most endearing aspect of Jaime Thietten (pronounced Teet’n) is not so much about what she’s accomplished or her powerful soaring vocal abilities, but more about her heart and soul, her exuberant love of life and her passion for the world around her.

Raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, the second of three siblings, music quickly became her best outlet for self-expression. She started singing at 2, and performing solos publicly by 13. She soon discovered that through song, not only could she find meaning for her own life, but also inspire and encourage others.

Jaime uses her music to nurture those seeking forgiveness, to fill the hurting with hope,
and to encourage compassion among people everywhere. You may know her best, for her immensely powerful pro-life song, “My Chance,” which tells of a woman looking back at her one chance—the child they were going to name “Chance”—to have a baby. The song brings a compassionate and non-judgmental attention to an emotional trauma that can last a lifetime. Although she has never experienced an abortion herself, God has put upon her heart a passion to help those who have gone through this devastating experience to heal and find hope.

She began touring regionally (sharing the stage with Jay Leno, The Gaithers, Michael English, Phillips, Craig & Dean, and Avalon to name a few) and the message “…to Love Along The Way” has propelled her career, music and ministry to an international level throughout the 2000s. She has performed for 3 years at the National Caring Awards, The National Right To Life Conventions and many regional and local Pro-Life events. “I consider it an honor to be invited to share at these special events and to see the amazing work that these wonderful people are all doing to help protect “life,” comments Jaime.

Her new album, “Love Along the Way,” is intensely personal, and is described as “bringing together a collection of songs that encompass not only her desire to encourage others but also a look into the heart of a woman who has experienced her share of pain.”

In that respect, you will be moved to tears by “I Would Die For That.” It is a story that parallels her struggle to conceive a child of her own, and the anthemic “Love’s Work Is Never Done” speaks of encouragement and hope in the reality of the world today.

Ms. Thietten (pronounced Teet’n) is married and currently resides in Caldwell, Idaho.