Joni Rodgers

New York Times bestselling novelist and cancer survivor

Appearances, Endorsements and Speaking Engagements

$5,001 - $10,000

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Joni Rodgers, keynote speaker, is the author of five critically acclaimed novels and a bestselling memoir on her own and has collaborated on a wide range of high profile projects, including celebrity memoirs, novels, prescriptive nonfiction, anthologies, essay collections, and an Oscar-nominated screenplay. She’s been published by “all six of the Big 5” and featured in a variety of national magazines. Her primary goal is always to create compelling characters and tell a great story. As an author, she looks for redemption and illumination in the context of ordinary life. As a ghostwriter, she disappears into her client’s voice, creating an accessible vehicle for their unique perspective. As a screenwriter, she creates characters who bleed and breathe and dialogue that sizzles with wit and integrity. Joni and her husband, artist Gary Rodgers, live next door to a lighthouse on a beach in Washington State.