Dr. Noreen

Dr. Noreen has been with NASA* since 2004 and worked as the first female SpaceToxicologist. Dr. Noreen is a #1 Best selling author for her book Talking Toxicology, an essential guide that provides an easy to understand breakdown of toxicology and how to recognize and reduce toxic exposures. Dr. Noreen has been an international speaker since 2005, covering a […]

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Angela Ahrendts

Angela Ahrendts is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and online Stores. Since joining Apple in 2014, Anrendts has been responsible for the operation and expansion of Apple retail and online stores, which have redefined the shopping experience for hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Before Apple, Ahrendts was the Chief Executive Officer […]

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Valerie Ramsey

Began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63, and became a published author and speaker at 68 Valerie Ramsey is a popular speaker on the national and international circuit, a role she never would have imagined herself in years ago. However, as her life progressed from wife and mother in her twenties […]

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