Alison Henderson

Movement Pattern Analyst

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Alison Henderson is CEO of Moving Image Consulting and is one of 22 Certified Movement Pattern Analysts in the world. She is in the face-to-face communication business, delivering a unique understanding of advanced body language and how to pair it with verbal language to improve business and personal communication. She teaches audiences how to “Listen With Their Eyes” and take a glimpse into the minds and motivation of others. Part mentalist and part improv, Alison’s presentations and training are lively, interactive and a way to look at movement which is above and beyond simple body language.

Who are the characters creating too much drama in your life and business? Alison will show you how to identify them as she has for military officers, financial advisers, realtors, change management professionals and many others. Alison’s presentations have inspired them all to “see” themselves and others differently. Learn about the characters in your life in her book, Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships.