Dr. Noreen

Space Toxicologist

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Dr. Noreen has been with NASA* since 2004 and worked as the first female SpaceToxicologist. Dr. Noreen is a #1 Best selling author for her book Talking Toxicology, an essential guide that provides an easy to understand

breakdown of toxicology and how to recognize and reduce toxic exposures. Dr. Noreen has been an international speaker since 2005, covering a wide array of topics including leadership, leadership for women, motivational speaking and life coaching, stress reduction, environmental trends, health issues including alternative medicine and prevention, fashion – including eco fashion, eco tourism, green technologies, nutrition and toxicity. Often referred to as The Tox Doc, Dr. Noreen The Tox Doc makes technical knowledge easy to understand, easy to use & impactful. Her motivational style of inspirational leadership and expertise on human health keeps her in demand. Dr. Noreen is trusted & routinely seen on multiple international, national and local television, radio & digital outlets as a host and guest expert. Dr. Noreen is easy to relate to by audiences of all backgrounds, which has gained her a global following.

Groundbreaking and history making – Dr. Noreen was the first to introduce the Speciality of Space Toxicology to the Global Community

Dr. Noreen was the first person to publicly state that the Zika virus could be transmitted sexually in January of 2016 prior to the first sexually transmitted case of Zika virus being confirmed in the United States in February 2016. Prior to this case, no one other than Dr. Mayberry was warning that this virus could be spread via sexual intercourse. Dr. Noreen is the first female to ever serve as a Space Toxicologist. The First to ever publish a book on Toxicology for laypersons, the #1 best selling,  “Talking Toxicology”, an essential guide that provides an easy to understand breakdown of the science of toxicology and how to recognize and reduce toxic exposures in our everyday lives. Dr. Noreen’s commitment to make a positive impact, while expanding knowledge is why she has been selected as a global spokesperson for product launch, and a trusted speaker and coach to motivate audiences to bring out the best in themselves by making their message and work products stand apart.