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Generations Rock: Gaining the Generational Advantage by [Karen McCullough, Angie Noel]






Karen McCollough

Karen McCullough is on a mission to help people and organizations embrace generational diversity by providing honest solutions that help bridge the generational gaps, encourage a deeper understanding, and drive better results. Karen creates customized programs that hit the mark and are great fun.

  • When you book one of Karen’s keynote presentations you can count on a HIGHLY ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE.
  • Karen does her homework! She listens and creates a program to fit YOUR NEEDS
  • Karen works hard to be RELEVANT, and she relates to all ages and titles.
  • Karen’s programs KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING long after her keynote.
  • Karen is smart, direct, and REALLY FUNNY. She says what audiences are thinking!

Karen McCullough is the most energetic, positive, and inspirational speaker in the business. She worked for respected brands. She studied high performing brands. And she built a successful brand from the ground up. Karen draws on her varied background as a highly successful educator, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and CEO to enlighten and entertain audiences from some of the world’s top companies, universities, and organizations. Karen knows people, knows trends, and she knows how things work. She is a master at opening people’s minds to the opportunities of change. Through her study of generational behavior, business relationships, social trends, and technology Karen has tapped into an innovative model that leads to positive action and drives desired results.


Karen’s Hot Topics:

  • It’s Not Personal It’s Generational – Or anything on the Generations and Gen Z – understanding, selling, marketing, attracting, retaining, selling to the generations- You may have heard a program on the Generations but not like Karen’s. Best Audience:corporate, associations, colleges/universities, sales, everyone who deals with people .
  • Change is Good- You Go First- Keeping Up with the Pace of Change – Customized to each audience. Best Audience: corporate, associations, opening conference keynote – all audiences – women’s conference. Karen will customize to fit the needs of client
  • Beyond the Brand- Growing a Culture of Engagement – Lots of fun promoting Employee Engagement and the Customer/Employee Experience, Employee Branding- Best Audience: employee celebration, annual meeting or conference, awards night, high energy honoring people
  • Gaining the Competitive Edge – Discovering Your Superpower– To make a name for yourself, and stand out from the crowd, you must capitalize on your unique perspective, knowledge, and experiences- your personal brand. Best Audience: employee development, sales, customer-facing employees, business owners, entrepreneurs, direct sales, franchise\.


  • Time to ReCharge-Managing Your Energy Not Your Time (Great for healthcare, nurses, hospitals) get a shot of energy as she shares practical yet powerful, researched-based strategies to increase your energy and diminish your stress. Learn how to recharge your battery and energize others. Best Audience: Healthcare, Education, Corporate



February 2020 speaker reel shot before COVID: https://youtu.be/LJ2Lk1BugPY


Pre-Recorded Virtual Video: https://youtu.be/BlmnbO8KXig