Laura Schakosky

Celebrity Media Makeup Artist, Success Coach, and Wellness Educator

Speaking Engagements, Appearances, Endorsements

$2,501 - $5,000

Health & Wellness, Motivational Speakers, Women Speaker, Women's Health


Laura’s leading edge work as a Motivational Speaker, focuses on people who are transitioning from one phase of life to another, are taking their lives to the next level, or are actively pursuing their life’s passion and calling. With a background as an internationally known Celebrity Media Makeup Artist, Success Coach, and Wellness Educator, she delivers lifestyle seminars, workshops, guided journeys and retreats. People discover how to integrate beauty and wellness practices in a whole new refreshing way, with nurturing rituals that have a deep, profound, and life-enriching effect. Her work rejuvenates and inspires the mind, body and soul. She teaches innovative methods to bring out the star that you are in everyday life by matching how you feel on the inside with how you look on the outside. Through her pioneering work, you can easily express your beauty, passion, leadership and creative potential in the world.

Laura is one of the first women to develop programs dedicated to preserving ancient beauty philosophies and the wellness traditions of indigenous shamans all over the world. By keeping these ideas alive and staying true to the original intention and meaning behind beauty and wellness practices, her programs allow you to produce a natural and powerful expression of yourself that translates in our modern era. Laura operates on a philosophy that people are designed to search for meaning, purpose and clarity in their lives and continually need tools that can inspire them and bring out their full potential. Through her speaking and teaching, people get the experience of truly nurturing and touching their soul at a level that they did not know was possible, and they become clear about the gifts they want to express in the world.

Her decades of training and a motivational journey took her from Dallas to Hollywood and back over the span of 25 years. She began by studying Psychology at University of North Texas, then moved to Hollywood becoming a Professional Makeup Artist, where Laura touched the faces of some of the brightest stars in film, television, and commercials. Her work spans over 600 celebrities and high profile figures, over a hundred television shows such as Dr. Phil, the Drew Carey Show, the Olympics, and the Emmy’s, as well as icons in the music, film and fashion business. Laura chose to add depth to her talent as a makeup artist by going on a quest to discover and connect to the original purpose of makeup. This inquiry lead Laura to study beauty’s history, psychology, philosophy, and spiritual roots including healing practices used by Native Americans. She also studied and is practiced in Kundalini Yoga, Chakra balancing, Egyptian philosophy and Face Reading. She became a certified Aromatherapist and studied Shamanic journeywork based on the studies of Anthropologist Michael Harner and stretched herself to include learning in Astrology, all giving her a universal approach founded on ancient wisdom. She moved back to her hometown of Dallas to integrate her learning and turn them into year-long personal growth journeys that incorporate personal goal-setting, wellness and beauty practices. She developed her own makeup, skincare, and aromatherapy line named Laura Leigh Beauty to complement the wellness system and to be a grounding and inspiring force in experiencing the rituals and journeys stemming from wisdom of the ancients. While in Dallas, she fine tuned her skills as a personal Success Coach and grew her leadership skills to ensure success of her company. Laura now dedicates her life to fulfilling the mission of Laura Leigh Beauty, to support others in reaching their goals and transforming their image and life.