Marisa D’Amore

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Marisa D’Amore is a seventeen-year-old who has an incredible story and testimony that inspires, motivates, but most of all, points us to know who we are in Christ.

Born 14 weeks premature, weighing just 1 lb, 13 oz, Marisa spent 145 days in the NICU. She survived multiple code blues, two deadly infections and three major eye surgeries all before six months old. Marisa lost her vision due to Retinopathy of Prematurity, a complication of being born too early.

This tiny miracle continues to overcome adversity and is determined to persevere.

She has grown into a passionate follower of Jesus who delivers a powerful message about our identity in Christ and how we, as believers, are the lights of the world. Her zeal and pursuit of the Lord is unwavering.

Her passion is for us to find our identity only as sons and daughters of God and to know how much the Lord loves us.“He is with us when we are suffering. He is sympathetic and empathizes with all our weaknesses, but He gives us the grace and power to move on past them, to turn them into victories, to reflect His glory and further His kingdom.”

Marisa has courageously stepped beyond her disability and participated in activities such as dance, gymnastics, track, swim, choir and marching band. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, is fluent in Braille, and is a member of the National Honor Society. She was selected as a 2019 honoree of the Anne Frank Humanitarian Award by the Florida Holocaust Museum and is the Chaplain of her high school marching band and student council class of 2020. She is also a contributing author at

She has shared her story and testimony at several schools, church services and non-profit events.The feedback received has been outstanding from teens and adults alike about the impact of her testimony.