Spike Spencer

Award Winning Speaker and Trainer

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Spike Spencer is an International Public Speaker, Award-Winning Voice Actor, Relationship Sales Trainer, Author, and Success Coach.

His brand of public speaking has been called ferocious honesty with a very silly delivery system. No one gives life to dreary corporate material like Spike can! His talks on building and strengthening communication in business and personal relationships have entertained thousands across the globe.

As an award winning Public Speaker for over 3 decades, a Certified Neuro-Lingusitic Programming Coach, a Licensed and Certified Trainer in the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales System, a veteran of 20 years in the Real Estate Investment world, and a world class, internationally known, award winning professional Voice Actor for over 30 years, Spike brings a truly unique perspective to his Relationship Sales Training.

He also speaks on Relationships with his segment “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips).” Spike blends humor, cooking, travel, adventure, and all sorts of fun into one enjoyable hearty relationship strengthening stew!

Spike helps guys become better MEN with lessons, hard learned, from many of his own mistakes in the dating/relationship world of self-improvement. Ladies are welcome, and mostly nod in appreciation, of the tips Spike gives to help their fellas be better, stronger, and more confident MEN.

You will leave laughing, learn some great relationship and dating techniques, and have a tasty recipe or three to add to your date night repertoire.

If it fits your venue, Spike can even cook while he teaches!