Top Christian Athlete Public Speakers

At Pastorini-Bosby, we’re proud to represent a large number of Christian athlete public motivational speakers who share their stories of how their faith has impacted their lives and helped them be among the best in their sports.

Each speaker’s story and faith journey is unique. Some grew up in the Christian faith, while others came to it as adults – sometimes after a life of temptations, destructive behavior or a life-altering injury.

Top Christian Athlete Motivational Speakers for a Variety of Groups and Events

Among the groups and organizations that book our Christian athlete speakers are:

  • Churches
  • Community groups
  • Schools and universities
  • Non-profit organizations

Whether you’re looking for someone to talk with student athletes about how the role of faith can make them better teammates and players, or you’re seeking a positive Christian sports role model to motivate and energize your congregation or staff, we can help you. We represent some of the most sought-after current and former athletes on the speaking circuit today.

Why Do You Need a Christian Athlete Public Speaking Agency?

By partnering with an experienced speakers bureau rather than booking a speaker on your own, you have a wide variety of men and women to choose from. We know their speaking work and can help you find the speaker with the tone and message you’re seeking.

We’ll work with you to find a top Christian athlete motivational speaker whose fees fit your budget and who is available on the day of your meeting or event. You can rely on us to handle the logistical details like scheduling, contracts, travel and accommodations, so you don’t have to deal with the headaches that come with booking a speaker on your own.

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