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Pastorini-Bosby Speakers is the premier professional actors public speaking agency. We have been in business since 1990 and have provided the right person for the right event. We have more than 200 speakers and our speakers bureau is staffed with knowledgeable, professional people. Our staff works to understand your needs for top professional actors and motivational speakers for your upcoming events. We know that having the right speaker is essential for the success of your event. Your success is all we care about at PB Speakers.

Professional Actors Public Motivational Speakers

Wonder which speaker is right for your event? When you call PB Speakers, you will need to provide us with some important information.

  • We need to know your budget. There are vast differences in speaker fees, and knowing what you can afford to spend will help us begin pinpoint which speaker is right for your event.
  • We need to know what type of audience you will have at your event. For example, will you have sales executives who need motivating? Perhaps you will have a room of cancer survivors. Each speaker has a different style, too, so that must be considered. Some events may want a comedic, playful style, while other may want someone who is more intense.
  • We need to know the logistics of your event. When is it, where is it and how long is it? This information will allow us to select top professional actors and motivational speakers who are available. When we’re finished getting the information we need, we’ll provide you with a list of possible choices. You’ll also get the marketing materials on each speaker to give you additional information.

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If you want the top professional actors and motivational speakers for your event, give us a call today at 713-266-4488. We have been booking the best actors, voice talent, makeup artists, and speakers since 1990.